The Finlay Centre for Corporate & Public Governance considers engagements requests dealing with governance practices and leadership issues when they are of unique interest to it and only on rare occasions. Given the dismaying paucity of well-crafted, convincingly delivered, speeches that elevate issues of importance with words and ideas that move and matter in the tradition of Ted Sorensen’s speeches for President John F. Kennedy, The Centre continues to work with distinguished figures, as it has in the past with three national leaders who have held the office of Prime Minister of Canada, who aspire to present a more compelling voice for their concerns.

 The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance works with major donors of social conscience and change-seeking philanthropists on institutional governance and ethics practices and assists the media by providing context and insight on breaking news and investigative projects while  continuing its three-decade long tradition of providing frank and candid comments on executive compensation which are seen and heard nowhere else.

We will consider keynote invitations and collaborate with scholars and the academic community to advance themes of better governance, stakeholder capitalism and institutional accountability.  We partner with organizations in advancing the role of women, First Nations people and other original inhabitants in advancing their rightful place in the boardroom, in the economy and corridors of dignity and respect that is the birthright of all.  We stand with those seeking to give voice and meaningly progress in combating gender-based harm and sexual harassment in the workplace as well as those importantly advocating a new social contract where compassion and kindness play a more visible role in everyday life, for that is the inescapable basis on which all who lead and govern are ultimately judged.

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