More About The Centre

The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance has been illuminating the evolution of private enterprise and public trust for more than two decades.   It is North America’s first fully independent think tank dedicated to improving boardroom practices and strengthening standards of accountability and stakeholder service in major corporations and public institutions.  The Centre is regularly sought out by governments, the academic community and the media for its authoritative insights and informed commentary.

The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance was founded by J. Richard Finlay, whose first-hand boardroom experience and prescient voice on the responsibilities of capitalism have made him one of North America’s most recognized and quoted experts on modern governance practices and the ethical responsibilities of leaders. For more than 30 years, The Center for Corporate & Public Governance has been a leading voice for sanity in CEO compensation. For much of that time it was the only such voice inside the boardroom.

The Centre has been widely recognized for its contributions to landmark legislative and regulatory reforms, including expert testimony before Canada’s Senate banking committee and the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Centre was the first organization of its kind to be called before the Senate of Canada to advise on corporate governance issues in the early 1990s. It was the first organization of its kind to urge the certification of directors, a call The Centre made in appearances before the Senate of Canada in the early 1990s and one that long preceded today’s director education programs. .

The Centre correctly predicted the worldwide groundswell in demand for boardroom reform and alerted policy makers and legislators to the dangers of disengaged directors and excessive CEO pay, telling BusinessWeek magazine and the U.S. Senate Banking committee that oversized compensation too often tempts CEOs to take actions that artificially push up the price of the stock in ways that cannot be sustained, and to cash out before the inevitable fall. The Centre warned in 2007 of the impending firestorm of corporate scandals and bailouts that contributed to and culminated in the most costly recession since the Great Depression. It has been a leading, and for many years  virtually a singular voice, for greater boardroom diversity and the advancement of women into high ranks of business, including more equitable levels of compensation. 

The Centre is regularly quoted in leading publications, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Newsday, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, The Associated Press and Reuters.

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