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Helping the Media

The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance always attempts to respond to serious inquiries from journalists, scholars and interested organizations. Over the years, The Centre has spent hundreds of hours educating print and electronic journalists on the benefits of sound governance in major corporations and public institutions, and on the consequences of their absence.  Many have broken news stories with The Centre’s assistance.  The Centre is regularly quoted in the world’s leading media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, BusinessWeek, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, Business New Network, Reuters and The Associated Press.  Major publications and media outlets in Canada, Europe and South America have also profiled The Centre’s work and comments.  BusinessWeek featured The Centre’s research in its cover story issue, How to Fix Corporate Governance.

When it comes to the actions of major corporations and public institutions, media audiences and readers increasingly want to know “was what they did the right thing to do?”.  They look for an experienced and informed source to provide the answer.

The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance can provide authoritative quotes by J. Richard Finlay, one of North America’s foremost voices for responsible capitalism and sound governance, that quickly cut to the heart of a host of news topics, including those that touch on contentious boardroom issues, impacts on stakeholder communities, CEO compensation and concerns related to breakdowns in ethical conduct on the part of corporate and public organizations and their leaders.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.10.42 AMMedia inquiries should be directed by email here. If you are contacting The Centre about a breaking news story, please indicate the nature of the inquiry and any deadline that may be applicable in your message.

General Inquiry

For more information, requests for conference participation and inquiries about J. Richard Finlay’s availability for a speaking engagement, please contact Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Coordinator, The Centre for Corporate & Public Governance.